the evidence currently available does not consider

Bacteria (2)eyond the “diets” to use, slimming, there are other types of therapeutic diets that are based on the pathological circumstances of a particular patient. This area or branch of nutrition and diet is little known by the general population (not so by health professionals) and is called diet therapy .

In turn, one of the most popular diets in this field, and mainly circumscribed to the hospital environment, is the so-called neutropenic diet . But that is known, and often put into practice, does not mean that in the light of current knowledge has a special sense its use . But before talking about its usefulness, let’s go in parts and see what this is about neutropenia .

Neutropenia, as corresponds to its etymology, alludes to the pathological situation characterized by the decrease of certain white blood cells in our blood , specifically those called neutrophils . As I imagine you know, it is a cellular corpuscle whose functions highlight the “defend” the organism of possible infections. Despite being a rare circumstance, neutropenia has been described relatively frequently in patients undergoing chemotherapy in order to treat cancer, patients undergoing treatment for a transplant, immunosuppressed …

Thus, for several decades, a “clean” or “low bacteria” diet has been proposed that minimizes the possibility of infections in this type of patients, precisely because of their “low defenses”. This diet is called the neutropenic diet … although in my opinion it should be called more properly, for its better understanding as a diet for situations of neutropenia .

What does it consist of?

What does it consist of?

Well, the truth is that here comes much of the problem because there are no uniform standards for the administration of a neutropenic diet and its variants are many, even within the same hospital where different professionals defend different dietary schemes for the same purpose.

The fact is that, as I say, there is no standard definition of neutropenic diet . Not even what fundamental characteristics are attributed to it or what specific foods have to be restricted, how to prepare them, what criteria should be implemented or what limitations it presents . Thus, only in regard to the inclusion / exclusion of food studies conducted in order to collect the different practices used in hospitals to highlight what is done in each of them when a neutropenic diet is proposed have highlighted a wide range of definitions and practices . Of what little they have in common is the prohibition of fresh raw fruits and vegetables. But some centers also restrict the freshly squeezed juices, dried fruits, yogurt, cheeses, raw spices, honey, sausages, dried fruits, meats, undercooked fish and seafood, and other products with very little coincidence. boiled eggs.

But does it work or at least some do?

But does it work or at least some do?

Considering the ultimate goal of the neutropenic diet, that is, to diminish the possible infections in patients initially predisposed to these … it seems that no. Or at least to date there is no clear evidence.

As pointed out in this review , several studies have shown the inconsistency in the application of neutropenic diets in patients with neutropenia diagnosed by diverse causes. Thus, in general after reviewing more than a dozen studies, it is concluded that the data of all the publications on this issue do not provide solid evidence that a restrictive “low-microbe” dietary pattern (or neutropenic diet) protects patients with neutropenia against bacterial infections better than a more or less “free” diet .

In summary: the evidence currently available does not consider food as a direct cause of bacterial infections in neutropenic patients. Thus, by virtue of the aforementioned review, given the wide variability of criteria to guide them and their protocols, it is suggested that while this cause and effect can not be proven, the so-called neutropenic diet is not used, at least in cancer patients.

Instead, knowing how safe and well-established guidelines for food handling are known to prevent the spread of foodborne germs among the general population, it is recommended that these guidelines replace the use of the neutropenic diet , whether that are the characteristics that in each case define it.

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Check on where to apply for a loan


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The answer to this question might seem simple, you would think that it is enough to say: ‘you have to go to bank x, there you will find the cheapest credit’.

Unfortunately, things are not like that, there is no bank or financial institution that offers the best loan for any individual.

Every need and every person requires concrete and specific answers.

It is not the same to ask for a loan to buy a car and one to go on a trip.

Not all financial institutions offer loans to solve any liquidity problem, some focus on automotive financing, others prefer mortgages, some opt for productive projects and each offers different conditions.

In this sense, we must review payday loans no credit check, contact the lender at  and we can approach a loan.

Banks are a first option to consider, they usually make loans to their clients through simple procedures because they have the necessary information to make an evaluation of the payment capacity of the applicants.

It is likely that the bank where we have our account has a credible alternative to solve our problems, but we must be attentive to the options available in the market to find the best option, it will not always be that of our bank.

A fundamental advice is that we consider all the financial institutions that can give us the service we need.

We have to do a deep investigation to know which are the entities that we can approach to borrow.

Then, it is necessary that we approach the branches of each one to request the information that we require, the more data we have, we can be sure that we are taking the best decision.

As Forbes Mexico points out, ‘cheap credits do not exist’, they all cost because they are a service and, like any other, they have a price.

However, we can find the best option for us.

The factors that we have to take into account are the following:

  1. The hiring requirements. Before being able to ask for a loan we have to know if we are candidates to request it, it will be useless if we do not comply with what the financial institutions request to be credit subjects. Therefore, it is essential that we know what the requirements are. If we meet them, we can borrow the money we need.
  2. The cost of credit The cost of the credit is determined by the amount of the commission for opening, the interest rate charged for the service and the commissions for account management. These three elements are what will allow us to know how much the loan costs. It is very important that we consult these three data with the different alternatives offered by a loan, we can ask for a projection to know how much we will be paying each month during the duration of our contract.
  3. The contracted terms. The third fact that we have to take into account when we hire a loan is the term contracted. In general, loans usually have terms of between 12 and 60 months. Knowing how long the loan contract will last is what allows us to know how much we will pay for interest, each month we must pay part of the money that they lent us and a specific amount for the interest generated.

If we want to find the best option to ask for a loan we must be patient and persistent, the search can be tired, but it is the only way to make sure that we will hire the best option.

To know how much this service will cost us, we must also consult the Total Annual Cost (CAT).

By official provision, all financial institutions are obliged to give this information, it is the way to know how much we will pay for a loan.

Not knowing this data can make us end up paying a lot of money, wasting the best options available in the market.

With these factors in mind, we can approach banks and other financial institutions that offer money loan services.

Our investigation must be rigorous, a visit to each of the alternatives that we know is what guarantees us that we find the right credit for us.

On the other hand, it is also advisable to consider the options to which we have access because they are members of our company as employees.

Many companies have special agreements with banking and financial institutions to offer credit services to their employees, the confidence and security of the payment capacity of each employee allow the lender to know that they can grant a credit at a low cost.

In the same way, government employees can easily acquire a loan because financial institutions have the certainty that they will receive a punctual and uncomplicated payment.

This makes possible that there are many facilities to get a loan. We must remember that the interest rate is the price that we pay to cover the banking risk that a credit implies.

Therefore, if the risk is low, the interests are also low. 

Now, in order to take advantage of a loan we need a strategy, it is not enough to find the banking institution that will give us the best credit conditions. i need money now, so I tried these guys out.

We have to analyze what our payment capacity is.

We must consider our expenses to subtract our income, the result of this operation will tell us how much we have available per month to cover the payments of a loan.

Once we know this we can think what is the best credit for us. Imagine a scenario in which you already ate the interests of your credit cards and you are drowned by a set of debts that, in addition, grows at every moment.

The most prudent thing you can do is ask for a loan to settle these debts.

For example, if the sum you owe in total is 65,000 pesos, what you have to do is contract a loan to pay this amount.

This way you will prevent this amount from growing. You pay all your debts and you stay with a single credit to pay. When hiring this loan you have to know how much you can pay per month.

So, you request a credit for the amount you need and select a term, interest rate and account costs that you can pay each month.

The CONDUSEF has an article with an example of this procedure for you to review it in depth in the following link.

In conclusion, to know where it suits us to request a loan, we have to evaluate the banking and financial institutions that can provide us with the service we need.

We have to analyze the costs of opening credit, account management, terms to the contract, the interest rate and, above all, our ability to pay.

Request a loan via the best site for fast payday loans ^%^ to solve any type of need is an extremely useful resource, we can get out of the hole in which we are and, in addition, we can solve the problems of liquidity we have.

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